Camp Asia is the coolest thing your kids can do during school holidays. 

Budding sporting heroes, artists, linguists, chefs, actors and techies: step up!

Fun packed, safe, educational (though your kids may not realize it!) Holiday Camps and Weekly Programs at Stamford American International School. There’s loads of choice for kids age 3 through 16.

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Weekly Programs@Camp Asia:

Whether your child is into sports or performing arts, Camp Asia has it all figured out with their weekly programs right here at Stamford!

Weekly Sport Stars

Real Madrid Technical Soccer Academy (ages 6 to 14)

Train like future stars of Real Madrid. Is your child the next Ronaldo or Zidane?

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Basketball (ages 5 to 8)

Dribble and pass, for all wannabe basketball stars! 

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Swimming (ages 3 to 8)

Get that perfect stroke, have fun and learn to be safe in the water!

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Gymnastics (ages 4 to 11)

Flip, twist, tumble and somersault! Who doesn't like to see their child be active, confident and healthy? 

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TLA Tennis (ages 4 to 16)

Tennis Lawn Association dos and don’ts for your racket crazy kids! 

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Weekly Stage Stars

William Shakespeare said 'All the world's a stage'. Well, it certainly is with Camp Asia’s Stage Stars weekly programs!

RAD Ballet (ages 3 to 7)

World acclaimed Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) curriculum will perfect your child’s twirling grace!

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Faust Performing Arts (ages 4 to 16)

All the World’s a Stage, so let your child be a star as we partner with leading Performing Arts School Faust! 

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These are some of the amazing camps you'll find at Camp Asia!


Multi-Activity (age 3 through 8)A fun packed day, full of different activities from arts & crafts, sports and performing arts!


Super Sports (ages 6 through 16)A sport-packed camp for sport-mad kids including soccer coaching with Real Madrid Technical Academy!


Super Soccer (ages 6 through 14)Play and train like the champions with Real Madrid Foundation Technical Academy!


Super Gymnastics (ages 4 through 11)Flip, twist, tumble and somersault! Who doesn't like to see their child be active, confident and healthy? $625


Super Basketball (ages 6 through 16)This camp is designed for your kid to enjoy the ultimate basketball experience and shine on the court through an intensive Basketball week.


Super Chef (ages 6 through 16)Kitchen confidence and great recipes, including setting up their own restaurant at the end of the week with Head Chef Tim Ong!


Mad World of Science (ages 6 through 11)Fizz, pop, wow! Bet you didn’t know science could so much fun.


Tech Savvy (ages 6 through 16)Computer programming or game design - it’s your call!


Math Mania (ages 6 through 11)Whether your child is already a Math Whiz or needs encouragement this camp is for them!


Lego Robotics (for ages 6 through 11)Budding engineers build, test and program. Get designing!


Drama Academy (ages 4 through 11)Discover Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, then acting it out for your delight and amazement.


Passion for Art (ages 6 through 11)Understanding, appreciation, materials and techniques. Go create guys!


Mini Mandarin (for ages 4 through 8)What an important language. Taught by native speakers


Creative Innovators (for ages 6 through 11)This camp will inspire, engage and allow every child to create a range of innovative products using a variety of technology.


Electronics (for ages 6 through 16)Stimulate your child imagination and engineering skills with electronics!