Realizing student ideas – Create and explore with emerging technologies

Today’s world sees the introduction of new products and technologies almost on a daily basis. At Stamford, we have a proud tradition of introducing advanced cutting-edge facilities, equipment/tools, teaching methods and learning environments that provide the opportunities for students to realize their ideas. Your child can become one step ahead with exposure to various equipment/tools not offered in the typical classroom, giving them the advantage to learn various skills that can benefit their creativity and ingenuity.

Technology as a tool is important. At Stamford our philosophy is that tech is a tool to support learning and to engage students in learning in unique and different ways to suit all learning styles. Our state-of-the art tools and programs are coupled with world leading educators and an education technology coaching program designed to support not only students, but to develop all teachers to use technology effectively. We also focus on upskilling our school community to adapt to changing nature of technology and modern learning. Pen and paper is one of the most innovative products ever invented. What we utilize in technology and resources is no different.

A progressive, hands-on experience with equipment/tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC router, robotic kits, electronics, etc. offer students numerous skills from conceptual skills such as craftsmanship and ideation to technical skills like Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the Adobe Creative platforms. An immersion of unique activities in the classroom such as the use of Virtual Reality (VR), coding, crafts and making with the various curriculums like math, reading/writing, sciences, etc. offer students memorable experiences to the learning activities and shows the connectedness that varying studies/concepts can have with one another. Students lead their learning and have the opportunity to go further in realizing their ideas.






Innovation Center – Supporting Tomorrow’s Ideas

Students need a space for exploration, the opportunity to be creative, and the time to follow their interests. At Stamford, we provide a multitude of spaces that benefit the students’ learning experience and also expands to collaborate with various companies and organizations to provide expanded experiences

The Innovation Center has acted as one of these major spaces for students to explore and has become a creative hub for them, driving collaboration and technology with the objective of developing innovative minds, exploration, learning and thought leadership throughout the school community. Through the Innovation Center, students also are exposed to companies and organizations including Microsoft, Canon, Google, Apple, and various start-ups and entrepreneurs, presenting them with experiences beyond the walls of the classroom. From workshops and speaker session with professionals sharing their knowledge to the opportunities to pilot and test various technologies, apps, and games before the worldwide market, students are exposed to so much more.

Housed in a purpose-designed area here on our campus, it fully exploits the contemporary ‘makerspace’ concept. However, it goes a step further in encouraging not only students, but faculty and parents, to actively participate in the hands-on design and production of their ideas … whether improving on an existing idea or realizing a dream, conventional or off-the-wall.

The flexible space has been arranged to allow for classes for students aged 6 to 18 years old. It offers most of the school’s emerging technologies and techniques that are unconventional in a standard classroom, from the school’s 3D printing, electronics, and robotics to textiles/ fashion, various forms of printing, laser cutting and considerably more. If activities are messy, that’s fine because our Innovation Center is mess friendly too. Events, focused sessions, competitions and co-curricular activities are regular occurrences, keenly anticipated by their participants.

Extended commitment to realize the learning that happens within the educational space as well as beyond offers the students the opportunity to experience authentic learning and application.

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