Did you know that a moving child is a learning child? Movement is at the core of how the brain develops and determines how children think, feel, behave and learn. At Stamford American, we introduce

Early Years physical and musical activities for a very defined purpose: your child’s development. And the kids love them, so they are learning while they are having fun.

SMART Steps is included in our weekly curriculum from age 18 months, and is designed to capture the child’s natural development integrating numeracy, literacy, language and with physical play.

Proven to have a link between mental development, intelligence and memory, the Suzuki Violin Program is embedded into our music curriculum from age 3 which helps to develop children’s senses and self-expression.

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Research shows, innovative physical education programs from a young age, exploit the strong link between the development of children’s gross motor skills and the physical impact of aptitudes in the classroom. Stamford American International School Singapore identifies with this philosophy so sought to engage an exclusive relationship with the highly respected Gill Connell, the founder of SMART Steps and the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). From age 2 (Nursery), our students start with SMART Steps, which is a program designed to enhance key movement patterns essential for successful body and brain development. Through Kindergarten, children progress to the Perceptual Motor Program, assessing each child’s development on a weekly basis to build skills that support reading, writing, focus, perceptual awareness and attention development. Gill Connell personally coaches and mentors our teaching practitioners to deliver a high quality and robust program.

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