Stamford American’s Athletic Program commits to sport for all from Kindergarten to Grade 12 while developing student athletes to reach their full potential. Whether your child aspires to be Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, or the star goalie on the Varsity soccer team, we aim to provide your child with the best start in sport with our teaching and finest facilities. To support the thriving sporting culture at Stamford, students can maximize our 3 swimming pools, 2 indoor sports arenas, roof top tennis courts, multi-purpose sports field and the rock climbing walls.

There is currently around 1100 student athletes participating in the competitive team program, with over 65 coaches mentoring our students. Our competitive teams are offered from Under 8 (U8) to Under 19(U19) with team sports such as badminton, basketball, cross country, golf, gymnastics, rugby, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, touch, track and field and volleyball. Recently, we have achieved outstanding performance in some of our sporting events:

  • First Place Boys Soccer - SEASAC Soccer Tournament, SINGAPORE, November 2017
  • First Place Boys Volleyball - SEASAC Volleyball Tournament, INDONESIA, November 2017
  • First Place U16 Boys Soccer - ACSIS Singapore League, November 2017
  • First Place U11 Boys Tennis - ACSIS Singapore League, November 2017
  • Two Swimmers qualified for FINA Swimming World Cup in Singapore, November 2017
  • Two Stamford American coaches to represent the school and Singapore at the FINA Swimming World Cup in Singapore, November 2017
  • Stamford American Gymnastics Team in its first ever competitive meet - Level 2 & Level 3 Senior Teams emerged as Champions and brought home a total of 5 Gold medals, February 2017
  • Roberto Carlos, Real Madrid Superstar - Global Mentor clinic with Stamford American students, February 2017

Additionally, Stamford has an extensive Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) Program offered across 2 semesters from as young as Pre-Kindergarten all the way to Grade 12, with more than 320 activities to choose from. We believe in helping students to develop passions at a young age and pushing our students beyond their limits. For more information on the CCA Program, find out more here.


The competitive and recreational sports program supports Stamford’s core values of growth, community, integrity and caring by fostering the development of character, lifetime wellness skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and a sense of fairness and respect. Athletes work together toward a common purpose and a collective sense of achievement based on a belief that the benefits extend beyond the final score of any contest.

Here’s some information of some of the team sports offered at Stamford:

Lions Soccer

We are very excited to be offering Soccer as a year-round Developmental and Competitive Sport at Stamford this year. As a school community, we are continually striving to provide the best teaching and learning experiences for our students, thus we have a partnership with Real Madrid Foundation. Together, we are developing the soccer program at Stamford offering different kind of programs, both recreational and competitive, for students from KG2 to Grade 12.

Lions Swimming Academy

The Lions Swim Team aims to provide the opportunity to pursue excellence in a training and competitive swimming program based on the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development. The Program aims to address the cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development of the student-swimmer alongside their academic expectations. At Stamford, we believe in having an athlete-centered, coach driven and parent/administrative support system to develop swimmers for lifelong participation. We are thrilled to have a dedicated and experienced coach to oversee the program, Coach Gil Levy who has competed at National Level and multiple World Championship and World Cup events, bringing Stamford to an extensive and elite level international coaching experience.

Outstanding achievement – Max Silver & Levente (Levi) Abraham to compete in FINA Swimming World Cup

Coach Gil Levy’s experienced coaching has brought 2 of our student athletes to shine. 2 student athletes under his coaching, Max Silver, Grade 11 and Levente Abarham, Grade 9 have qualified to compete in the FINA Swimming World Cup which was held in Singapore on Nov 7 – 18. They suited up and went toe-to-toe with some of the biggest names in World and Olympic Swimming; Joseph schooling, Ryan Lochte, Chad le Clos just to name a few.

The experience at the FINA Swimming World Cup has made the boys improved 100% in their personal timings and Max was recorded TOP 20 in 3 of the swimming events participated.

Lions Gymnastics

Offered all year round and taught in our fully equipped gymnastics center, the Lions Gymnastics classes are taught in an athlete-centred, progressive manner where we stress the learning process as well as the learning outcome. The Lions Gymnastics is offered both recreationally and at competitive levels with the aim of developing student gymnasts to the best they can. The program has over 200 gymnasts at all levels from beginner to Level 7 WAG. The lion gymnasts are coached by a fully professional team of ex national level coaches. The teams compete both locally and regionally.

Lions Tennis Academy

The Lions Tennis Academy is a new introduction to the Stamford family. We aim to provide top quality tennis provision here at Stamford and offer our students the opportunity to become the best they can be, aimed at long term development of each student’s skills. Stamford is the only international school in Singapore with full time Stamford staff professional tennis coaches, our tennis program ranges from cubs (beginners) through to highly competitive teams using the schools 2 purpose built tennis courts. Our Tennis Director Coach Rose is from Spain and was a Division I college player in the NCAA where she was MVP 3 years in a row. She is also a former WTA top 300 ranked player.

Lions Golf

The only school with an indoor Golf Academy, the lions Golf Academy comprises of 2 teams: Stamford Cubs and Stamford Lions;

The Stamford Cubs is represented by students from Grade 2 to 5 and will undergo training to obtain their Proficiency Certificate (PC) and be ready for course play.

On the other hand, the Stamford Lions is represented by students from Grade 6 to 12 and their main goal is to compete at both local and international competitions representing the school. All training sessions are geared towards performance to represent school. The Golf Academy is coordinated and coached by PGA Professional Nigel Barks.

Sporting connections within Singapore and the South East Asian region


Stamford is proud to be a member of the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) and field teams in this city league from U8 through to U19. SEASA


Stamford is a member of the prestigious South East Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC), an elite Sports and Co-Curricular Activities league with member schools in the region.

This regional conference with 15 member schools in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Myanmar provide opportunities for our students to travel and participate in sport, MUN and Fine arts on a regional level, in addition to making connections with other like minded students and elite schools across the region

We are proud to have hosted the event below at Stamford:

November 3rd - 5th 2017 – SEASAC Soccer

Stamford has hosted 8 other regional schools on the Stamford field for SEASAC Soccer. The campus was buzzing with student athletes from as far as Thailand and Indonesia. For more information, read here.

More information about these events below will be shared closer to the date:

MUN(Singapure) - March 2nd - 3rd, 2018

Junior Gymnastics - May 11th - 12th, 2018



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